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Starting at $134.99/mo

This is it! The fastest service you will find in the area. We spent extra time and expense to be able to guarantee fast reliable service or your money back!



Starting at $134.99/mo

  • Professional Installation
  • Equipment Included
  • Up to *50mb Download
  • Up to 40mb Upload
* Usually burstable to whatever speed
is available at the time depending
on subscriber load



Basic Installation

Fixed Wireless Internet requires Line of Sight from our access point(s) to your home, office or business. This sometimes requires extra effort because of the topography and vegetation that makes living in the Arroyo Seco so enjoyable. Our basic installation fee is $299.99. This included a small wall or roof mounted antenna that our contract installer will professionally install. This also includes running a small weather proof cable from our equipment along the outside of your home or business to where you wish service to enter. A small hole is drilled from the outside to the inside where the cable will enter then attached to a power device that needs to be connected to your standard 110 vac wall outlet. For more custom or advanced installation our contract installer will be happy to provide you with a quote. This basic install does not include:

  • interior cable fishing
  • installation of a telescoping mast in order to get above obstacles like trees or other structures
  • configuring subscriber provided wireless (wifi) routers
  • IT support
  • Virus support
  • multiple cable outlets (one included with basic install)
  • outside cable runs of more than 75ft

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